The Eye of the Bird


The Eye of the Bird

On our journey in alternative knowledge, we will find many paths that cross, lead to dead ends or intersect back to our original path. It is a never ending exploration, full of road signs and red herrings. Sometimes we will follow an avenue of research and dismiss it, only to return to it at a later time with a deeper understanding.

The moon landing hoax was one such conspiracy for me. I came across it first on a “talk-show” on UK TV some years ago, a link to which I’m still looking for. It presented many of the arguments for it being staged quite convincingly such as the camera withstanding radiation and the shadows being incorrect. My mind was later changed back to follow the official version by both QI and Mythbusters. But my opinion was once again back with the “hoax” theory after watching “The Shining Code”. An open mind is part of free thinking though, and we should always be looking at new ideas and opinions.

Matrix theory was a subject that I have also avoided for a long time aside from the allegory that I mentioned in my last article. But to accept it as a “literal” theory, that we are truly trapped in a virtual reality to feed an alien species takes an enormous “leap of faith.”

Through a recent post I ended up watching Chiron Last’s “The Golden Web”. Admittedly a few times I almost gave up, nearly dismissing it as crazy conspiracy theory. But I returned and persevered. Again I’m still not entirely convinced but since watching it more coincidences and symbolism have been popping up. One happened when I was taking out the recycling and I’ll return to this in a bit.

(I have tried to find the actual part in “The Golden Web” which I would like to refer to but each “part” is over 2 hours long and trying to skim through youtube to find that section is proving difficult. If I do find it I will leave it in the comments below.)

With reference to Chiron Last’s Matrix Theory, he mentions the “mark of the betas / beast” which is present on all of our hands. On the image above it is the “Line of Head” and “Line of Life” that, on my hand at least, join up and form a Phoenician Gimel or the number 7. During my research for this article, I also stumbled across an Islamic interpretation for these lines, the numbers 1 & 8, which we could subtract from one another to make 7 again. From what I remembered from “The Golden Web”, and there is a whole heap of overwhelming information in there, is that the number 7 is significant in the imprisoning matrix due to its use in days of the week, notes on a scale and colours of the rainbow.

The Phoenician gimel is also used frequently in logos as the video above explains and referred to as a vector or chevron. Incidentally as part of my research when trying to find out what this “gimel” was on the right hand I came across the “The Right Hand Rule” and it’s relationship to vectors but mathematics isn’t my strong point so can’t draw any conclusions there.

Back to my “aha moment” when taking out the recycling. I’d cooked fish fingers the night before and noticed the logo on the empty box;

What caught my eye was the gimel figure on the right side of the logo. Also after watching the video above the “chevron” on the left side is more apparent too. Overall the “swoosh” of the tail makes the logo look quite fish like. Incidentally the Iglo group has been bought out by Nomad Holdings and the logos of BirdsEye, Iglo and Findus have all had a branding makeover.

It also looks a bit like the Eye of Horus upside down. Horus was an ancient Egyptian god who was often depicted as a falcon-headed man. Therefore, the eye could be said to be a birds eye.

I’m not sure how this fits into the greater scheme of things and it may have just been a coincidental observation;

Clarence Frank Birdseye II developed a method for fast-freezing fish to preserve the food’s freshness.

The post that led me to Chiron Last’s “The Golden Web” was entitled “Commerce – Law of the Sea”

Illustration at top – “Hawk eye” by Steve Jurvetson

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Immigration, refugees and me (not a political stand point).


So for my first ever blog I thought I’d address the issue of immigration. Yep, light reading for a bank holiday weekend (try writing it). Actually just my thoughts based on what I see and what I have experienced. I’m not addressing the problem as my simple and tiny mind couldn’t possibly have the answer to the big opportunity (not problem) of immigration.

This subject is close to my heart because I am an immigrant, a refugee of war. I don’t feel like one per se as it’s a label that spans such a wide swathe of cultures and situations each unique to that one person and their history and future aspirations. My story is a tale I’ve told and relived many times and it happened a long long time ago and sometimes feels like it’s from a galaxy far far away too. I always tell my story like a…

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3 Aspects of The Matrix

I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it our fate to be here. It is our destiny.


I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a couple of weeks now and considered buying the Matrix Trilogy on Bluray as I haven’t watched them again since the release of the last film. The rising costs of living put me off that decision, postponing it until the next pay-day and then by coincidence I found that all three films are being repeated on ITV2.

Synchronicity aside, I’ve found myself exploring Matrix theory, mostly thanks to @kevskewl for raising awareness of these youtube channels to 3tags.

In a previous article I mentioned about how “waking up” and becoming more aware of the true nature of the world can affect people differently. Like the scene above from The Matrix it can be akin to jumping in the deep end without knowing how to swim. With this in mind I have tried to arrange the following three aspects in order of “awareness level”. Again, as in the previous article, I have used the term “alternative knowledge” because this is not just conspiracy theory but brings in many other disciplines such as history, philosophy, psychology, linguistics etc.

David Icke – Secrets Of The Matrix

Although it is over 10 years old this presentation by David Icke is almost an “Alternative Knowledge 101” and is more relevant in hindsight. Icke takes you through the basics of the control system, Illuminati and Reptillian concepts. Towards the end he goes into more detail about the Matrix film and how the world around us is a constructed illusion.

Mark Passio – The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

This presentation filmed as a fund-raiser for the second Free Your Mind Conference is a allegorical translation of the Matrix Trilogy. In this video Passio explores the meanings of all three films; how the first film explains what is the Matrix, the second why are we in the Matrix and the third how do we get out of the Matrix.

I was unsure whether to place this presentation first or second (according to levels of alternative knowledge) but placed it second as many of the concepts that Mark Passio did not have time to explain in detail are done so by David Icke in Secrets of the Matrix.

Mark Passio does an excellent job of showing the hidden meanings in the Matrix Trilogy and applying them to the control system of our world.

Chiron Last – The Golden Web

I have deliberately not linked to the three part trilogy of films that explore The Matrix, The Golden Web, but instead a video explaining what Chiron Last’s work is about and who it is intended for. Much of it is narrated text but in other places it is “read-only” and as such requires concentration and attention.

Out of the three aspects this is the “heaviest” and “deepest.” Chiron Last seeks to find the truth through the use of linguistics, by taking words apart, rearranging them and translating into other languages. It is a literal interpretation of the Matrix, in that we are all energy batteries being farmed in a world where even the Moon is an illusion.

I would also recommend starting with the Golden Web and then moving through all Chiron Last’s videos chronologically as many of the concepts are explored in more detail. And again, as he has warned in “To those that I speak to… “ this body of work is not for everybody but only those with a very open mind.

> Neo: I can’t go back, can I?
> Morpheus: No. But if you could, would you really want to? I feel I owe you an apology. We have a rule. We never free a mind once it’s reached a certain age. It’s dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go. I’ve seen it before and I’m sorry. I did what I did because, I had to. When the Matrix was first built, there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. It was he who freed the first of us, taught us the truth. As long as the Matrix exists the human race will never be free.

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Burley: MKOFTEN, UFOs, Warlocks and Witches

New Forest
© Copyright davidgsteadman and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

I was born and grew up in the New Forest. Although made into a royal hunting ground by William the Conqueror, who named it “Nova Foresta”, it was previously known as “Ytene.” Some historians claim that William created these grounds by forcibly evicting the resident Jutes, and burning their houses to the ground.

Whilst still at school and starting college I had a Saturday job in a declining “greasy spoon” roadside café on the old main road into the New Forest, the adjacent Motorway having redirected much of the passing trade. On weekdays it was fairly well patronised by lorry drivers and workmen for looking for a plate of cholesterol washed down with a mug of tea, but on the weekends business was slow and I usually manned the café on my own.

One typically quiet Saturday afternoon two men came in. One was short, stocky and unremarkable whilst the other was unusually tall with dark black hair and reminiscent of Spock without the pointy ears. In just his manner and appearance there was something “spooky” about this fellow.

The Warlock

They ordered some food and drinks and I returned to reading a newspaper, greasy to the touch from the fat that always lingered in the air. Spooky Spock started up a conversation with me, the subject of which I can’t remember as it was nearly thirty years ago. But I made conversation back and it was mostly a two-way dialogue with Spock’s shorter companion remaining fairly silent. They left soon afterwards and I thought nothing of it. Then they returned for the following few weeks at around the same time.

Over the course of a few weeks a very strange conversation developed. By day, the two gentlemen were repairing refrigeration units but in their spare time were part of a “Spiritualist” society, involved in activities of an esoteric nature. He claimed this group had transmuted a piece of wood from an 18th Century wardrobe into crystal. “Spock” also stated that they regularly contacted alien beings near the New Forest village of Burley.

For the most part, due to my young age, I was fairly freaked out by these claims and yet also skeptically curious. During one conversation, he explained the basics of astral travel which I went on to practice with some success. It was my pre-psychedelic preparation for the perception altering substances that I was soon to experiment with.

Spock “spooked me out” the most the last time I saw him. He had been talking about how he was in contact with his twin brother who died at birth and who’s spirit followed him. I went into the back kitchen to unload the dishwasher and tray in hand, slipped and fell, breaking a few plates and glasses. Spock laughed out loud and stated that it was his deceased twin that had forced this to happen. Although partly I put it down to sliding on a wet floor I also wasn’t entirely sure if it was just an accident. By this time though I was getting weary of the weekly head-spin and was mostly relieved it was the last time I saw Spock and his paranormal tales.

Years past and I fell under the spell of scoring and smoking weed and organically I’d developed a network of fellow stoners with whom to share the daily “bread”. One evening, two of these friends, Rufus and Sven, went night fishing and returned the following day with what was more than just a “Fisherman’s tale.”


They had been down to Milford on Sea to fish from the shore and drove back across the New Forest. On this return journey, somewhere near Burley they had an encounter of the third kind. They were on an isolated country road when they spotted lights in the sky that they described as “glowing like a car cigarette lighter.” Rufus stopped the car and the “craft” silently moved above them. He said you could make out the black triangular shape against the night sky with huge lights / engines beneath it. Rufus claimed he got out of the car to retrieve his camera from the boot but seemed to have “lost track of time” and when he came to the UFO was gone.

Had I not met “Spock” a few years previous to this I would have probably put this down to a Stoned Encounter of the Baked Kind. But the coincidental link with Burley, which to my knowledge I’d never mentioned to them, as well as the fact that they both, separately gave the same version of events led me to believe theirs and Spock’s UFO encounters.

The Witches

© Copyright Richard C and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

The village of Burley in the New Forest is on the “tourist trail” for visitors to the area. It is a small village with very little to see apart from a public house and some Witch-craft themed gift shops. The most famous shop, “A Coven of Witches” sells all manner of Wicca goods as well as dragon ornaments and Harry Potter themed “wands”. There is another smaller, similar shop called “Witchcraft” as well as ice cream and fudge shops that you might expect to find in a “tourist trap,” all overpriced and catering to the impulse, souvenir purchase.

Behind the tourist attraction, Burley does have a sense of sinister mystery that you would expect to find in such a location and the New Forest has had occult connections since at least the last century. In the 1930s and 40s it was the home of the New Forest Coven, whose initiate Gerald Gardner went on to form one of the earliest tradition of Gardnerian Wicca. Even into the end of the 20th Century it was relatively common to see a Romany Gypsy selling “lucky” heather, cropped from the Forest heaths before being “enchanted.”

The most famous resident of Burley is the self-proclaimed “White Witch” Sybil Leek. Leek claimed to have come from a long line of witches, most notably the 17th Century witch Molly Leigh. Leek, who was born in Staffordshire, associated with famous family friends such as Aleister Crowley and H.G. Wells as a child. She moved to the New Forest in the 1930s and later settled in Burley, living in the house behind the picture gallery, “Lawfords”. During the 1950s she became well known as a witch but this attracted journalists and notoriety to the small village so she emigrated to the US.


MKOFTEN was a side project of the better known Department of Defence program MKULTRA. Behind the MKOFTEN project were the Collins Elite group, formed as a response to a theory that Jack Parsons and L.Ron Hubbard had opened a portal to hell. As stated by Gordon Thomas in his book, “Secrets and Lies” the goals of MKOFTEN was too;

“explore the world of black magic” and “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach”

Sybil Leek first became involved with Governmental Secret Services during the Second World War. Author Michael Salazar claims that she was recruited, by Ian Fleming, to create fake horoscopes alongside Aleister Crowley, to lure the occult obsessed Rudolf Hess to Scotland where he was captured.

After moving to the USA, Leek was again back in Secret Service, this time acting as a consultant as part of Operation [MK] Often. In his book “Final Events”, Nick Redfern writes;

When approached by Operation Often, Leek was thrilled and happy to help. She related all she could about sorcery, black-magic, the number of witches and warlocks active in the United States, where the most active covens could be found, and much more. As to why Leek was specifically chosen by Operation Often, it may very well have had something to do with the fact that during the Second World War, she was secretly recruited by elements of the British Government to provide phony horoscopes to the astrology-obsessed Nazis. In other words, Leek had already been exposed to the clandestine operations, had seemingly proved her worth to British authorities, and thirty years later was still perceived as being a valuable and profitable asset….

What has remained largely unknown until now — outside of official circles, at least — is that, according to Robert Manners, during the second or third meeting with Operation Often staff, Leek, quite out of the blue, expressed her firm opinion that the flying saucer mystery was probably somehow linked to the occult.

Leek reported to the Collins Elite that UFO sightings were actually manifestations, a “slight of hand trick” by a demonic entity named “Caxuulikom” who is farming earth for soul energy to feed demon kind. Her own soul was eventually harvested too in 1982 when she died, after a train derailed near her Florida home and she was poisoned with toxic gas.

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The Cage Of Coins


Imagine you are in a cage. A cage where the bars are perfectly stacked coins of your local currency. Through the bars you can see the world outside; the flora and fauna of nature, a beautiful yet wild world which stretches for as far as you can see.

Inside your prison all you have to do is abide by the rules of your gaoler. Almost everyday you wake up and play a game where you swap coins with other inmates. You might be good at the game and use your spare money to swap them at the Commissary for luxuries to make your incarceration more comfortable. Alternatively you might be bad at the game and your place of confinement becomes more claustrophobic and devoid of the luxuries of your neighbours. If you wanted to, you can try and cheat the game but woe betide you if you get caught and end up in the most constrictive of cells with just the basic needs.

From time to time you stare through the bars of currency and wonder what the outside world was really like. There is nothing stopping you from escaping, all you need to do is push over the precariously balanced stacks of coins and step outside.

On the outside though you leave behind all your comforts of prison. To a certain extent you are institutionalised, unable to imagine how you would cope on the other side. You might be naked and afraid, surrounded by the coinage that is worthless than the scrap metal left polluting the wilderness.

But you still have remnants of survival skills, hard wired into your body and mind by more primitive ancestors. And as you wander the world you will find others, with different skill sets from whom you can learn and exchange knowledge with. Undeniably it will be harder work, physical strain and require the shedding of blood, sweat and tears.

The uncertainty of the uncivilised wilderness keeps us from breaking out of the civilised cell in which we are so comfortable, stops us from hoping that we can find the others and rebuild without the monetary bars.

A world where we all work and share the fruits of our labours without the need for financial exchange. In this world, if we need temporary leaders in times of crisis, we will choose them based on skills, wisdom and moral merit rather than purely by birthright.

Yet everyday we turn away from the window to the outside world and go back to playing the game, again and again, day after day, year after year, knowing that we are trapped within an endless loop of our own confinement.

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Love – August

And the live, but lower quality version;

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